Fall Wrapup

Final standings in NERFU D1 :

      School       Record       Pd   

  1. Army            5-0         207
  2. BU                3-1-1       42
  3. BC                 3-1-1       21
  4. UCONN       2-3          -7
  5. NU                1-4          -126
  6. UMass           5-0        -137

Moving forward, the team has elected a new Executive Board for the coming Spring and Fall seasons. Congratulations to the following newly elected officers:

  • President:                      Xa Hopkins
  • Vice President:             Deanna Nash
  • Secretary:                      Ashley Teamer
  • Treasurer:                     Christine Moyer
  • Match Secretary:         Ashley Donahue
  • PR/Fundraising:         Lisa Cardone
  • Social Chair:                 Alex Hublebank

Field Secretaries:

  • Erin Deadmond
  • Julia Gowesky


BUWRFC looks forward to a great Spring season and an even more competitive Fall season. Currently, a lot of planning is going into the Spring 2012 Alumni Game as well as the Fall Banquet, to be held December 9th.

**Almuni: make sure you are on the email list so we can contact you in the coming months!! We can’t wait to welcome everyone back to campus!


One response to “Fall Wrapup

  1. Congratulations to the new E-Board! Can’t wait to see everyone at the alumni game in the spring!

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