BU Falls to Princeton in Final Match of the Season

BUWRFC spent the majority of Halloween weekend on a bus traveling to and from Princeton, NJ where they eventually lost to the Tigers 22-0.

Arriving late Friday night/early Saturday morning, BU made the long trek down to the Garden State to play Princeton in the first round of DI playoffs. Boston University was ranked second in NERFU DI and Princeton was second in the Ivies.

By the time BU arrived at the field, there was no green grass to be seen; no white lines; and certainly no temperatures above freezing. Warmups were kept to just the necessities, and the warming-up aspect proved a challenge. After getting tackled to the ground a few times it was clear that this was going to be a long and cold game. During the second half the snow turned to hail, making doing anything with open eyes a challenge. Scrumhalf, Melissa DiFabio (SAR ’12) had an excellent defensive game and with frozen hands, even managed to get off solid offensive passes. The last few minutes brought long (relative to the game) runs from backs Christina Vailas (COM ’12) and Jordan Lavy (CAS ’12). Despite a few cases of hypothermia, many frostbitten extremities and a few staples to the head, BU was not able to walk away with a win on the field.

The team had an extraordinarily long journey home thanks to the amount of snow, but was safely delivered back to campus very early Sunday morning. The following coaches and Athletic Trainers deserve a huge thank-you and many warm cups of coffee for braving the weather (and the team): Nicholas Hildebidle, Kate McCabe, Emily Malkin, Beth Wolfe, Nick and Kaitlyn. They not only supported the team this past weekend, but every day throughout the season. BU Rugby would be lost in the snow without them!

The loss ends the season for the Terriers; however, all is not gone. According to an outside source, this is the first time in BU Women’s Rugby history that any team has won more than one game in Divison I, and certainly the first to make it to playoffs in DI. With the only two losses of the season coming from ARMY and Princeton, BUWRFC is ready to live up to the challenge and will be ready for both teams in the Spring and Fall.

Keep on rucking, BU…


One response to “BU Falls to Princeton in Final Match of the Season

  1. Congrats on a fantastic season, ladies! And well done playing in the snow, I guess snow rugby is a more relevant way to practice now, lol. : )

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